My 20th anniversary was Wednesday and I planned to give my wife the print before we went out to dinner.  I had my son distract her while I took down a picture that was hanging in our living room and hung the Innocence print in its place.  Then, my son brought her downstairs to see it, and she was absolutely blown away!!  She was teary and she couldn’t stop looking at it and she was hugging me and thanking me for doing such a beautiful thing for us. We appreciate your work so much; it is beautiful and speaks to our souls.  ‘just wanted you to know. PB, Exeter, NH

Just wanted to let you know I think the painting is spectacular.  (Much better in person than by photograph!)  I was sitting in the study yesterday when the weather cleared and sunlight streamed into the room.  The effect on the painting was profound:  the colors changed dramatically, and Buddha became, well, . . . luminous!  The painting looks great in the space and I really don't think we need to add any lighting.  You are a master! JR Weston, MA

Your Buddha paintings touch me, Virginia. There is magic around them. Not easy for me to describe, but maybe I could say, they seem as if they had 'a soul', in a way they seem so human and at the same time so holy and spiritual, in one way so transcendent, but also so alive... thank you very much for creating and posting them! MD

I enjoyed your magnificent artwork at Kripalu. The images of Buddha are so exquisite and I wanted to write and tell you.  I hope to visit Andover Chapel, Harvard Divinity School, to see your paintings there. Kind Regards, SH

We have one of Viriginia's paintings gracing our home and it’s one of the few things I would carry out if our house ever caught fire. JM Lexington, MA

I seriously could not stop looking at the first painting of the Buddha that is under your photos section. What a gift you have! To be able to paint such brilliance! You have my respect & more!

Never stop creating, AC

Your works are beautiful. I am not a Buddhist, but one does not have to be in order to be taken in by your beautiful works. SB

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  SO PEACEFUL!!!  SO JOYFUL!!!  NC Portland, Oregon

So great to see you last night.  Loved seeing all your new pieces.  We can't stop thinking about Peace Within.

I have to admit I sometimes feel guilty about having such an exquisite piece of art - Compassionate Spirit - tucked away in our yoga room where the whole world can't see it.  As I have more group gatherings in that room, more people will see it, though.  And I know it is in there anchoring Divine Light no matter who is viewing it at the moment.  Still, it seems a shame it doesn't get more viewing time. Always I feel so honored to have it and to know you. J&J Concord, MA

Your work has really touched me & I can hardly express how glad I am to have stumbled upon your web page.

I have been collecting different images of Buddha for many, many years and was looking for some art work for our new home. I would dearly love to own one of your canvas or paper prints. DO

I have received my lovely Buddha! I love, love, love it!  Unfortunately it has to travel to work with me instead of staying in my home.

Thank you Virginia for your beautiful quality of work. I’m back to Kripalu in August and I will spread my happiness around. JL

I just followed a link to your web site and your Buddha

Painting series. I am almost helpless to describe my reaction -- they are so incredibly beautiful -- but more than that. I am so happy

to just look at these images tonight. Thank you. CRJ

I just wanted to say that your work and website are absolutely compelling as well as beautiful. I am awestruck. GW

Wow, I so enjoyed perusing your beautiful creations on your website. To say you're incredibly gifted is like saying the sky is blue. While yes it's true but that doesn't even come close to the intricate delicacies found within and expressed in your art. Thank YOU! PM